Cornelia Dola Tulke

I am a practicing sound shaman, mother of three beautiful daughters & always follow the calling of my heart.

I have been accompanying numerous people on their path for over 16 years, for 12 years in my healing practice in Berlin.

In the course of my life I have brought many people to themselves.

This also included the conveyance of apparently lost information about original ceremonies, various ways to recharge your batteries, to come back to one’s own center and simply the memory of our true nature, our actual task as a human being to become more human and more in harmony with the to come to us indwelling and surrounding nature.

I sense a great longing in people for this reconnection with themselves, with Mother Earth. the forces of origin within and around us. But a lot of people don’t know how to do it.

I have launched a number of projects for this purpose, including this Rauhnächte online retreat.

For years I have been offering Rauhnachts retreats in my center in order to let people actively participate in the manifesting power of these holy days and nights.
I am very happy to be able to bring my knowledge of this magical time closer to people with this unique program, even without a personal visit to us.

Rauhnachtgesang in the St.Michaelskirche in Kaisten, Switzerland in 2019


As a sound shaman, I use sound in its original form as a medium for profound healing processes, especially through the primal mother sound.

The primal mother is the female primal power – the great mother of all things – space – the Shekina.

It is the nourishing, the carrying, the manifestation power of love.

The primal mother sound is the key to the soul.

With the sounds of the primal mother, with the instruments rich in overtones  are woven into the respective daily meditations, the consciousness and the heart of the participants are opened. The sounds uplift, connect, ground and remind the body to vibrate again in its original frequency.

Peace, love, joy, depth, connection, abundance can be naturally woven into the coming year & bring lasting blessings.