I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for these wonderful elaborations and meditations of the retreat!

For me it was the first time that I took part in a retreat and could not imagine what was happening and I am deeply impressed. This work came into my life at the right time (with a lot of stress and hectic) and I can feel the energy still working, be it from the incenses and the meditations. I feel like they bring me to a point I haven’t felt in a long time.

Thanks a lot for this.

Have a wonderful time and all the best.

S. N.



Thank you very much for your wonderful online retreat „Guide through the magic of rough nights“.

For me it was a journey to hidden places inside me, to new discoveries, to wishes and to visions that I probably still have to “let sink”. A lot is changing at the moment and typically I would be overwhelmed and my mind would do somersaults. Nothing there, I am calm myself, thanks to you I was able to start the new year with a great deal of anticipation, confidence and trust. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift that only grew through the meditations. I wish you both an equally golden path through 2018, may all the good that you send out return to you as happiness, health, love and strength. „Hebed eui Sorg“ grateful greetings from Switzerland M.



I would like to thank you both very much.

You have accompanied me on such an adventurous and wonderful journey.

I am still deeply filled with it. You did it very lovingly and professionally.

In united gratitude



I would like to thank you again for your great work, the wonderful meditations, the beautiful music and songs, the trips. For me it was the first time that I „celebrated“ these rough nights.

The first rough nights were a challenge for me, because many rather negative things showed up, I became more and more exhausted, irritable, and also reacted more physically (stomach/intestines/back, etc.) and doubts arose. But I continued diligently from On New Year’s Eve it became lighter and lighter, I was able to breathe further and deeper during the meditations, with some I felt very strong vibrations right at the beginning. And as already written, I found the music and singing wonderful and also very magical. After the last meditation earlier, I was really sad that it was all over, a few tears fell, but I was grateful from the bottom of my heart!

 I wish you a wonderful 2018 full of miracles!

All the best, S. K.


I want to thank you for your guidance during this wonderful time. ❤️ C.K.



I want to thank you again for your wonderful work. Two weeks of intensive time lie behind me, with wonderful insights, mysterious experiences, new knowledge, gifts, courage, strength, but above all the love for life and the trust that I am well guided for myself. THIS is how the path led me to you.

In your retreat there were incredibly magical moments for me, where I was often moved to tears and let the pain go.

Really and truly from the heart thank you dear ones for what you are doing and I honor and respect your great work and as I mentioned the wonderful preparation. I had no expectations, only curiosity and trust guided me at the beginning, but it really surpassed everything and the realization is: I happily dare further steps into the wonderful land of magic where consciousness expands and I learn to delve even deeper into it great mystery of God – my highest self.

In Liebe Achtsamkeit Ehre und Dankbarkeit

Y. F.


I am happy every day that I booked this online retreat  and I find that I can carry it into the new year – every single month because I can repeat the meditations. Conny and Lars have put so much effort into this that I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I take so much with me here in terms of clarification, recognition, softness, inspiration, access… just great – thank you very much! K.M.



Thanks very much!

It was a very beautiful and moving time!

Best regards, J.



Happy and Blessed New Year!

Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I’m grinning from cheek to cheek and don’t want to stop!!! 

Many greetings, K. 



… fat recommendation for a brilliant retreat and so loving, comprehensive and special – thank you for that  K.S.